3 Questions To Ask Your Earthmoving Service

Starting a construction project involves many steps, with many details. Learn more about getting the right heavy construction equipment.

3 Questions To Ask Your Earthmoving Service

3 Questions To Ask Your Earthmoving Service

20 March 2023
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Earthmoving services are essential when building foundations, underground bunkers, drainage systems, roads or conducting landscaping works. Contractors must vet earthmoving services to establish if they are the right fit for their site. Below is a blog with some questions to help you vet an earthmoving service. 

What Earthmovers Do You Have? 

Most earthmoving companies have all sorts of earthmovers for hire. Therefore, you need to decide which earthmovers are required at your site. The general rule is to examine work plans before choosing an earthmover. For instance, an excavator would be ideal for digging drainage tunnels at the site. Work plans give intricate details, such as the depth and width of the tunnels. As such, you know the size of the excavator you need and the length of its boom. You might also need to dig holes, move trees, break rocks or clear the site. If this is the case, explore the various excavator attachments you could use instead of hiring many earthmovers simultaneously. 

The site conditions also determine the earthmovers to use. For instance, tracked and all-terrain earthmovers will work well on rocky and muddy terrain. What are the soil conditions? Clay and peat soils are heavier than sandy or loam soil since they have high water content. When excavating these soils, ensure the earthmover has a high load limit. 

You must also assess the earthmover's efficiency. For instance, what is its fuel consumption? Earthmovers with low fuel consumption help you reduce the rental charges. Moreover, you should ensure the earthmover can work long hours without needing maintenance. This way, you do not lose cash on downtime as your employees await repairs and maintenance. 

Do You Have Experienced Operators? 

Earthmover operation looks fun on TV. However, this is not the case when you take the operator's seat. The general rule is to hire an experienced professional to operate the machine. It guarantees efficiency at the site and prevents accidents. For example, most earthmover operators have a high-risk work licence that equips them with the skills to manage site risks. For instance, they conduct preliminary assessments and develop risk plans to avoid traffic accidents, electrocution, property damage and personal injuries at the site. 

Do You Offer On-site Maintenance? 

As a best practice, you should negotiate for on-site maintenance services when renting the equipment for extended periods. Moreover, you should ask the company to discount the rental charges when the earthmover is under repairs. The primary benefit of company maintenance services is that you do not bear liability if the equipment develops defects due to poor maintenance. Moreover, you do not incur upfront maintenance charges.  

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