Crane Hire FAQs

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Crane Hire FAQs

Crane Hire FAQs

28 December 2022
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Do you intend to rent a crane? It could be that you need the equipment to lift heavy loads on your construction site or mine. The crane rental process can be pretty daunting for a first-time client. Below are some crane hire FAQs to help ease the rental process. 

Where Do You Hire Cranes? 

There are numerous crane hire companies in Australia. Conduct an Internet search to establish locally-based crane hire companies. The benefit of working with local crane rental companies is that you can visit the company's premises and examine the available cranes. Besides, you do not have to wait several days to receive the rental crane at your site. As a thumb rule, conduct due diligence to establish the quality of services the company offers. Positive online reviews, excellent reviews, accreditation and recognition from renowned construction organisations guarantee that the company provides high-quality cranes and services. 

How Do You Choose A Crane For Hire? 

At the company's premises, you will find numerous cranes for hire. Therefore, you could get confused as you choose a suitable crane. Below are some insights to help you in your selection:

  • Ask your site engineers to detail the crane specifications. For instance, they should specify the load and height limits, the type of boom or wheels, the crane size and the cabin size.
  • Always consider durable and reliable models. Consult other contractors to compare the different crane models or check construction blogs.
  • If possible, always go for newer models. They come with operator assist and safety features that significantly improve their efficiency.
  • Always inspect the crane for damage and defects that could compromise its safety or functionality. For instance, worn-out wire ropes and damaged hydraulic systems are significant hazards at your site. 

Who Operates The Rented Crane? 

If you are not a skilled operator, you could be worried about where to get a crane operator. Well, this should not be a cause for concern since most rental companies have experienced operators. Nevertheless, you have the option to rent a dry crane (one without an operator). These cranes are much cheaper, but they do have their downsides. For instance, you bear liability if the crane develops defects at your site. 

How Much Do Rental Cranes Cost? 

Several factors influence the costs of the rental crane. For instance, the rental company considers the demand for the crane, its size and its type. Once you determine the type of crane you need, ask several reputable companies to send a quote. This way, you have an advantage since you know the prevailing market rates. The rule is to negotiate creatively. For example, you could ask the rental company to offer free transport to your site or cater for hired-in plant insurance.    

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