4 Height Safety Equipment and Measures You Should Invest In

Starting a construction project involves many steps, with many details. Learn more about getting the right heavy construction equipment.

4 Height Safety Equipment and Measures You Should Invest In

4 Height Safety Equipment and Measures You Should Invest In

23 August 2022
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Performing construction projects at a height comes with its share of safety risks. As the person in charge of the construction project, you should put in place measures to prevent falls and other accidents. Quality height safety equipment is accessible, easy to install and efficient.

Here are the four types of fall arrest systems you can add to your construction site. 

Barricades for Safety

Construction is a complex process. As the day proceeds, it is common for the workers to lose concentration and forget they are working at a height. Workers might experience grave consequences like falls, injuries and sometimes fatalities if they forget the height of their operations. Putting a physical safety barrier in place reminds the construction team that they are still working off the ground. It acts as a security blanket because they cannot go past it. You can have them installed at the edges of the construction to act as a safety net.

Body Harnesses

Another effective way to restrain someone and ensure tripping does not lead to a nasty fall is through body harnesses. The harness has parts and features to ensure you are protected at all times, regardless of the height of operations. Most of the systems come with buckles for quick fastening and allow every person using them to adjust the harness length depending on the level that they are operating. They also come with additional features like in-built padding, which ensures the stitching on the harnesses does not rip, which could create potential problems. Properly designed ones provide safety throughout the construction process.

Points to Tie the Harnesses 

You should also invest in proper tie-off equipment as part of the safety procedures. The points are typically placed directly above the workers and connected to a rail system that runs overhead. It minimizes the swing and possible fall hazards. Choose between the ceiling and points mounted on a column depending on the available space. You might also have to invest in mobile choices when someone in the construction team needs to travel between the two points.

Quality Lanyards

You should also invest in fall arrest lanyards to help secure the workers if they fall. The best kind is self-retracting. They reduce any excess momentum from the fall. They also have slip brakes to decrease the arresting force when one slips.

These are some systems to invest in when you want a secure construction space. Speak to a competent supplier and get superior quality fall arrest systems to suit your needs.


Height safety equipment inspection is an important part of keeping your employees safe when working at great heights. The inspectors will go over every piece of equipment and every tie-off point to ensure they're in good condition and properly used.

Reach out to a height safety equipment inspection company to learn more.

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