How You Can Make Use of Core Drilling Machines in Construction

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How You Can Make Use of Core Drilling Machines in Construction

How You Can Make Use of Core Drilling Machines in Construction

8 July 2019
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Core drilling is an important construction process that has been relevant for a long time. It forms an essential part of any construction project as it provides a quick, precise and clean way to cut through materials such as concrete, asphalt, rock and other such kinds of materials used for construction. Below are some of the ways in which the core drilling machine can be used in construction. 

Drilling Concrete

The main reason behind concrete drilling is to achieve perfectly rounded holes in walls made of concrete to set up components such as electricity lines and telephone lines. Core drilling equipment can be set to drill holes that are in line with your requirements in terms of width and depth. Using the right core drilling machine is also important for great results. Diamond concrete core drills are the most commonly used type of drilling machine for this process. 

Pillar, Wall and Slab Strength Analysis 

Analyzing and measuring the strength of the concrete to be used in the construction of walls, pillars and slabs is very important. This way, the mixture of concrete can be attuned to go in line with the size of the above-mentioned aspects. Here, the diamond core drilling machine comes in handy where it is used to drill the concrete in place to provide the samples required for analysis. 

Addition of Sanitation Infrastructure 

It is common for contractors to be hired to add service pipelines or sewer lines to a building. To accomplish this, they make use of a core drilling machine to create holes through the walls, after which they install the necessary lines according to the owner's specifications. 

Drilling Boreholes 

Most construction projects require a good amount of water before the entire project is complete. This means that there will be a rise in water bills by a very big percentage, but this can be avoided. The contractors prefer drilling their own water from underground to save you the cost and ensure there is a constant flow of water. A mounted core drilling machine is therefore made use of here to drill a borehole for water extraction. If the water persists, it can be purified to be used by the owner after completion of the construction project. 

Core drilling machines come in different varieties depending on the type of surface or size of the material that is being drilled. In this regard, contractors have to be careful when using any drilling tool to ensure it is the right drilling machine to help them achieve the desired results. 

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