All You Need to Know About Getting A Forklift Licence

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All You Need to Know About Getting A Forklift Licence

All You Need to Know About Getting A Forklift Licence

16 April 2018
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Forklifts are versatile for the lifting of loads in construction sites and business warehouses. A forklift licence from a place like All Onsite Training and Assessment is crucial if you intend to venture into the logistics and materials handling industry. However, the process of acquiring a forklift licence may not be as straightforward as a common driving licence. That's because of the safety issues involved in lifting materials at height. The process of acquiring a forklift licence can be slightly more involved, and here are a few important things you need to know.

There Are 2 Classes of Forklift Licences

There are two classes of licences when it comes to forklifts. It is imperative to evaluate your needs first and understand what you want before you go for training. The first class of licence is for order-picking forklifts. This class of licence is for those who wish to operate order picking forklifts, a type of forklift whose control and load carriage move together. These types of forklifts are largely used in warehouses.

If you want a licence to operate the type of forklifts used in construction sites, you should go for the second class of forklift licences: a forklift truck licence.

Training Is Strict

You can only undergo training for forklift operation in a registered training organisation. That means you need to be extra careful when choosing a forklift training school. Besides choosing a school that is approved or registered, consider the duration of the training course. Forklift training lasts for just a few days but you may be better off choosing a training organisation with a slightly longer training duration. You will have more time to absorb as much information as possible, which is good considering the strictness of forklift assessments.

At the end of your forklift training course, you will need to schedule a practical evaluation as well as a written examination. A designated trainer will oversee the process and if you complete successfully, you will receive two key documents: an assessment notice and an attainment statement. You will need these documents in the next step of acquiring the licence, which is applying for it.

Applying for The Licence

Besides the two aforementioned documents, you will need evidence of identity documents to apply for the licence. These documents should be submitted through the national post together with your correctly filled application form. Remember that the evidence of identity documents have point values and your application may not be approved if your point values do not add up to the required minimum. Some of the primary evidence of identity documents you need include are your birth certificate, your passport and your citizenship certificate. Secondary documents may include driver's licences, utility bills, social security cards, mortgage documents, etc.

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