Which Lifting Equipment Would Be Suited To Your Needs?

Starting a construction project involves many steps, with many details. Learn more about getting the right heavy construction equipment.

Which Lifting Equipment Would Be Suited To Your Needs?

Which Lifting Equipment Would Be Suited To Your Needs?

8 December 2017
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No matter what construction project you are engaging in, one of the critical types of machinery that you will need is lifting equipment. From raising personnel to higher levels at the construction site to the transportation of materials to different storeys of the building, lifting equipment will be necessary to facilitate these processes. Nonetheless, there is a broad range of lifts that you could choose from. Some people may assume that hiring one type would be sufficient for the job, but you will quickly realise that the different options available are designed to meet specific requirements. Below is a concise list of some of the types of lifting equipment that you could consider for your construction project.

An articulated boom lift

This type of lifting equipment is also referred to as knuckle lift. It consists of a sturdy base that has been mounted on wheels, giving it the ability to make 360-degree turns with ease. The platform of the articulated boom lift is fitted with a steel arm that functions to navigate around obstacles that may be strewn around the construction site. Thus, the articulated boom lift is particularly convenient if you are working on rough terrain or if you are embarking on site preparation during the construction project.

A forklift

Inarguably one of the most typical forms of lifting equipment, the forklift tends to be found at most construction sites. Forklifts are highly versatile, as they can facilitate the transportation of heavy materials around the site and can also be put to use when it comes to lifting the materials upward. When selecting a forklift, be sure to note the load capacity so that you do not overwork the equipment and cause it to break down. Forklifts can be powered through various energy sources including gasoline, electricity, batteries and even propane gas!

A telescopic handler

Commonly known as a telehandler, this type of lifting equipment is similar to a forklift. The main difference is that this machinery has a telescopic boom fitted on it. The telescopic boom can extend both upward and forward, giving the operator a versatile reach when lifting construction materials from one point to another. Another benefit of the telescopic handler is that an array of accessories can be attached directly to the boom depending on what task you would like to accomplish. For instance, a bucket can be fitted for loose materials, whereas a lift table can be equipped if transporting bulky items that have a flat and steady base.

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