Tips for Mitigating Excavator Hire Costs

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Tips for Mitigating Excavator Hire Costs

Tips for Mitigating Excavator Hire Costs

28 December 2016
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Excavator hire companies provide excavator equipment for lease to individuals with excavation work for both minor as well as major projects instead of an individual having to slave with a spade. However, renting excavation equipment is not as cheap as most people expect it to be. Despite the availability of reasonable daily excavator hire rates, there are usually initial deposits required, and they can be very pricey. Additionally, there are other expenses involved such as transportation fees and the operator's wages. Thus when using excavator hire services, it is essential to be savvy so as to minimize the costs. Here are a few savvy tips to use.

•    Choose a local service provider The further away the dig site is located from the excavator hire service provider, the higher the cost of delivering the excavator equipment will get. Thus, when looking for excavator equipment, it is essential to look for a supplier located near the site. Most companies determine the delivery fee by multiplying their per-mileage fee by the distance being covered when delivering the equipment. However, some companies also utilize a banding system to identify delivery fees. For such enterprises, they usually provide clients with maps that show the cost estimates for each band size.

•    Consider the deposit fee The deposit fee is charged by an excavator hire service before they allow a client to take delivery of the leased equipment. The deposit fee is refundable, provided the excavator equipment gets returned in good condition. To mitigate the deposit costs, it is advisable for an individual to consider multiple companies for the excavator hire. Different companies charge different deposits, and thus it's possible to find a company with a deposit fee that fits into the set budget.

•    Conduct the excavation yourself If you are qualified and licensed to use an excavator, then there is no need to hire an individual to operate the excavator. After hiring the excavator equipment you require and once it gets delivered, you can handle the rest of the work yourself rather than hire an operator. Thus, this strategy minimizes the costs of excavator hire by eliminating an operator's wages from the overall cost.

•    Determine the size of the project The magnitude of the project affects both the size of the excavator equipment you need as well as the duration of hire. If the project doesn't require a large excavator, then you should rent a smaller excavator because its rental fees are much lower than those for a larger one. Additionally, the duration of the project determines how long you will rent the excavator equipment. If it is possible to reduce the number of days you need to rent the equipment by probably handling some of the work yourself, then you should be able to save some money on the excavator hire.

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