Terms to Learn When Renting Earthmoving Equipment

Starting a construction project involves many steps, with many details. Learn more about getting the right heavy construction equipment.

Terms to Learn When Renting Earthmoving Equipment

Terms to Learn When Renting Earthmoving Equipment

22 December 2016
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Whether you're a builder or a homeowner looking to dig some trenches and pits, you may want to rent the earthmoving equipment you need rather than rely on hiring someone to get the job done. This can be more affordable and ensure you won't face any delays because of late or unreliable contractors. If you've never rented earthmoving equipment before, you might be surprised at the variety of options you have and a bit overwhelmed by the terms and phrases you'll see; note a few of those here so you can ensure you get the best choice for the work at hand.


A breaker refers to a jackhammer-type attachment that usually works with a backhoe, instead of a bucket. This would be used for rocky soil or something very solid, to break up that rock rather than trying to dislodge or scoop it up with a standard bucket.


Tracks or treads are used instead of tires for some heavy-duty equipment, to disperse the weight of the equipment and keep it from sinking into the ground. If you'll be working on very soft soil or in any type of mud or sand, you want to ensure you get a piece with tracks or treads rather than tires, or face the risk of actually getting stuck!


There is a difference between equipment that is ride-on and those that have an actual cab. Usually a ride-on means standing up, behind the equipment, whereas a cab will be more elevated and therefore safer for you. However, for very small jobs such as digging trenches for a large garden or a small pit for a landscaping feature, you may not need an actual backhoe with a cab; a ride-on digger can be sufficient as well as easier to manage, especially in smaller and tighter spaces. Be sure you know the difference so you don't wind up with a ride-on piece when you expected a larger piece with a full cab and a bigger bucket for digging.

Cribbing bucket

A cribbing bucket is long and narrow and is used to dig trenches or to lift other construction equipment such as pipes and steel beams. The longer and more narrow bucket allows it to keep long pipes steady and balanced, or to dig more precise, narrow trenches. If you need to dig to put down plumbing pipes, a cribbing bucket can be the better option for the more narrow trenches you need and for safely lowering those pipes into the trench once dug.

For more information, contact a company that rents out earthmoving equipment.

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