What Factors Determine the Cost of Hiring an Excavator?

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What Factors Determine the Cost of Hiring an Excavator?

What Factors Determine the Cost of Hiring an Excavator?

9 December 2016
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Excavators are among the most versatile heavy construction equipment in the industry. When used with various attachments, they can be used for digging holes, trenches, and foundations, clearing land and moving soil, among other applications. One of the major concerns that most people have before renting an excavator is the cost of hire. Although the cost of hire may vary from one company to another, there are standard factors that are used to determine the overall cost. By understanding these factors, you can be able to minimize the cost of hiring. Here are some of the common factors that will determine the cost of hiring an excavator.

The age of the excavator

Renting a new excavator will not cost the same as renting an old one. If you want to reduce the cost of hiring, you should consider hiring an older excavator. However, it is worth inspecting the excavator before hiring it to ensure that all the parts are in good condition.

Pay attention to the excavator attachments, the wheels or tracks, the boom or stick, engine, and the cab. Look out for any signs of significant wear and tear, cracks or corrosion which could affect your operations. Only rent an excavator that is in good condition.

Operator hire

If you want to hire an excavator together with an operator, you will pay more than if you hired the equipment alone. Some companies include the cost of hiring an operator in the rental price, while others will charge you separately. Ask the rental company about their package before making a choice. Hiring an excavator with an operator may be the cheapest and safest option, as opposed to hiring your own operator. However, if you have the required experience and license to operate the equipment, you can make significant savings.

Never hire an inexperienced operator in a bid to save costs, as you may end up incurring repair and compensation costs if there are any property damages or injuries as a result of the ignorance of the operator.

Billing rate

When hiring an excavator, you will either be charged per hour or after the completion of the project. Either option can be cost-effective depending on the nature of your project. For instance, if you need to use the equipment throughout the project, an hourly charge may be too expensive in the long run. In this case, you should consider negotiating for a fixed price. However, if you are using the equipment for a few hours, an hourly rate may be more affordable. Make sure that you get a quotation for both options so that you can choose the most convenient and affordable one.

These are the main factors that will determine the amount that you will pay for hiring an excavator. Make sure that you compare the cost from various companies before settling for one.

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